A Random Interruption: Surviving Breast Cancer with Laughter, Vodka, Smoothies and an Attitude

There are 50,000 women noted in Marquis’ “Who’s Who of American Women.” Statistics show that 6,250 of these women will get breast cancer. One of these women is Suzanne Zaccone, one of America’s most influential entrepreneurs.


Suzanne, the woman behind the entrepreneur, strips naked with a feisty and clear-eyed story of how she loses her breast to cancer and fights to get it back.


“I recognize and fully acknowledge my complete addiction to being alive,” says Zaccone. “Along the way, I developed a burning desire to change many of the boundaries that I had to face—for tomorrow, for the next woman, for the next family needing to travel a similar road. They didn’t provide me with a handbook or instruction manual when I was diagnosed with cancer. And there was nothing out there that melded the personal experience with the medical realities. So, I wrote one.”


Zaccone writes with an iron grip on the details, and reveals the secrets of cancer patients that are taboo and lost in translation. A Random Interruption is equipped with a dictionary of the language of breast cancer and a list of provocative questions to ask the doctors. World-renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Song adds a medical perspective to the book with a “Doctor’s Corner.”


Raw and unflinching, Zaccone’s story is the stuff of other women’s lives: of mothers and daughters and sisters, and of the sisterhood that forms when women are united in battle against a common enemy. Dense, atmospheric and written with spectacular wit and style, A Random Interruption is a literary tour de force.


This book is a must-read for all those diagnosed or touched by breast cancer.


All proceeds from this book will go to the University of Chicago Hospital Cancer Research Foundation.




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